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The men, led by Christopher Gillis, have a go at Johnson's phrase, but it turns kinky, angular instead of smooth. Distorted movement has always been equated in Taylor's universe with the uglier instincts, and in the second act of ``Of Bright'' Joao Mauricio conducts the participants, who've become sightless, to a kind of hell, where they writhe and twitch until their nasties are all spent. Chaib presides over this orgy, holding one woman after another high above him as if preparing a sacrifice. Finally calm is restored and so is the benevolent family.

Periodically during the dance, we've glimpsed the father-figure Chaib through layers of gauze, as if along with the dancers we're remembering scenes of childhood. Karla Wolfangle, tall and smiling, is Chaib's loving but sometimes antagonistic consort. Cochran and Mauricio get rebellious and are pushed away. But after the orgy, the whole clan is welcomed back in a long series of gathering and presenting processions. To Mahlerian cadences, the dance ends like an apotheosis - a picnic with sun, birds, gala, and all.

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