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Subtitle They Were Expendable

This page is dedicated to having a complete transcript of all dialogues in Syphon Filter 2. The page will include cutscenes, radio transmissions, conversations and all possible dialogue spoken by particular characters in battle or specific situations. In addition, multiplayer quotes will also be provided where possible. The game contains foreign languages in addition to English, so a translation will be presented in "( )". Most of these dialogs are accompanied by English subtitles, in which case they will be presented in "[ ]". However, they are not always in the game and don't coincide with a speech all the time. For that reason, a more accurate translation or an addition to official subtitles will be presented in "( )". There are extra dialogs in the game, which only foreign versions of the game have. Such dialogs will be presented in " ".

subtitle They Were Expendable

Cochrane: W-we're working on it now. You'll have your shipment by the end of the week.Shi-Hao (on the phone): You have three days! If I don't have it by then, there may be a leak to the American press.Cochrane: I'm sorry, but- (connection abruptly terminates)Hadden: Most unfortunate.Cochrane: Stevens' men have the woman now. As soon as they get the plasma, they-Mara: What about Logan?Stevens: There wasn't time. The UN peacekeeping forces had already arrived when-Mara: Another Agency screw-up! Do you have any idea how close your incompetence has come to killing us all?Stevens: I am NOT responsible for the actions of my predecessor. Markinson was NOT in control.Mara: Markinson was YOUR man!Stevens: As Rhoemer was yours. And what about Gregorov? You were supposed to keep the Russians away from the PharCom warehouses in Kazakhstan.Mara: Huh, you're NOT going to blame me for your incompetence! The SVR is NOT under my control anymore than Rhoemer's terrorists were.Hadden: Enough! We all have much at stake.Stevens: Logan was one of our best agents. He has the highest level of training and years of field experience. It won't be easy.Hadden: I see. Perhaps I'm not being clear. Success is everything. Is it not, Mr. Cochrane?Cochrane: It would be impossible to get the plasma from the woman, as long as Logan is alive.Hadden: *Laughs* I think you overestimate Mr. Logan's abilities. You were given Mr. Phagan's job because you promised to have Phase 2 of the virus ready in time.Cochrane: It's not my fault that Rhoemer lost the girl before we could extract the-Hadden: But like Markinson and Rhoemer; you have failed.Cochrane: Alright, look, I'm sorry that things didn't go according to plan, but-

Lian: Gabe? Are you there? *Moans* Gabe?Teresa: Lian? Where are you? Are you all right?Lian: Teresa? It's good to hear a familiar voice. I'm fine. They're holding me at some Civil Airbase in Colorado. Where's Gabe?Teresa: He's run into trouble. Transport's down somewhere in the mountains.Lian: Gabe's in trouble?Teresa: Yeah, but what else is new? I think he's more worried about you than himself.Lian: Gabe knows better than to worry about me. *Moans*Teresa: Lian, are you okay?Lian: I'm running on an adrenaline booster right now. Winding down fast. Get this information to him right away; he was right about Phagan, they were... keeping him alive incubating some... new strain of the virus. Probably the same strain I'm infected with. They must have injected us both while we were imprisoned in the catacombs.Teresa: Oh my God!Lian: I'm sure that's why they brought me here. They were using this airbase to fly infected test subjects in and out of the states, bypassing international quarantines.Teresa: Hmm, The Agency's also using it to shut down air routes all over the rockies.Lian: Makes for a good front. Tell Gabe that The Agency lab complex is somewhere in New York. I'm gonna try to find out where. *Coughs* Okay. *Coughs* I'm going to get a chopper, and I'm... gonna get out of here. Does Gabe have an EVAC plan yet?Teresa: No, he's having me monitor Agency radio traffic while he gets to the crash site. I think he's gonna try to requisition a chopper there.Lian: Tell him not to, I'll give him a ride myself. Do you have his coordinates?Teresa: No.

Commander: Several GIs have made it to the highway and are heading this way. We've lost contact with half the convoy.Archer: Leave them. Morgan's ordered the air strike. Within an hour, every living thing on this mountain will be dead. As soon as the charges are set, pull your men back to the other side of the bridge. I want to make sure that nothing gets past here.Commander: They're setting the charges now.Archer: Everyone's expendable here, Lieutenant. If they're not off the bridge when I give the order, blow it anyway.Commander: Yes, sir!Archer: Let's get out of here.

The Imposter: *Coughs* *Moans*Teresa: Who is this Mara Aramov? You both seem to know her pretty well.Gabe: It's a long story.Teresa: Who's she working for? I thought you said she worked for Markinson.Lian: I'm not sure anymore.Vladimir: He has finally broken. Gregorov is being held at Point 36.Lian: Point 36...Gabe: What is Point 36?Lian: Point 36 is a woman's gulag in Siberia. It's located in the city of Kazakh. Russian for white tomb.Teresa: You mean Aljir Prison?Gabe: What?Teresa: Built during the Stalinist purges to house the wives and mothers of political dissidents. It was shut down by Khrushchev in '54.Lian: Supposedly. But it wasn't.Gabe: You both seem to know a lot about it.Teresa: I read a lot. Especially about repressed women. Thousands of women died there; no idea where their children or husbands were. If the prison didn't kill them, the cold and heartbreak did.Lian: I haven't read about it; I've been there. I was held there eight years ago after being captured in Afghanistan. My first assignment for the PRC, before The Agency recruited me.Gabe: A woman's gulag that doesn't exist. A perfect place to make political prisoners disappear. It would appear the glasnost has its limits.Vladimir: There is more; Gregorov has been investigating an international arms consortium, the same group that controls your agency -- It wants ours as well. Gregorov played along; when they were content to sell arms to the Sandinistas and Contras, and refueling the war between Iranians and Iraqis, the SVR didn't care.Gabe: "Let the West destroy itself."Vladimir: Exactly so. But the Syphon Filter virus changed everything. Gregorov discovered that Shi-Hao was going to purchase the virus.Lian: The leader of the Heilongjiang -- The province is trying to break away from the PRC.Vladimir: It is not broken away yet. This province has been contested by our two countries for over 400 years. If Shi-Hao is successful - the PRC will go to war.Lian: And Russia will be drawn in as well. Shi-Hao will see to that. The only person who can stop the arms transfer now is Gregorov.Gabe: That's why he was at the PharCom warehouses at the same time we were; he was looking for the same data discs.Teresa: Where he also thought he'd gotten all the data.Vladimir: For security reasons, Gregorov kept all of his files hidden. The Imposter wasn't successful in his attempt to locate them. And we knew nothing of it.Gabe: We have to break him out!Vladimir: You do not have much time; they have already ordered his execution. Gregorov will die on the electric chair, tomorrow night at midnight.Lian: I'll go in.Gabe: No! You're not strong enough to.Lian: I have to do this, Gabe.Gabe: This-Lian: It's my life at stake if we don't get the other half of the PharCom data. And it's my people who will die if Shi-Hao gets Phase 2 of the Syphon Filter virus. Besides, I'm the only one who knows the layout of the prison.Gabe: Okay. He's yours.Teresa: I hope you know what you're doing.

Gabe: The Agency has a lot of bodies here in cold storage. I'd like to get a list of these toe tags and check them against missing persons.Teresa: Important people who just disappeared. Plane crashes where bodies weren't recovered.Gabe: People vanish all the time. Keep an eye out. The Agency's mobilized. I'm sure they're out looking for you by now.Teresa: How long are you gonna be?Gabe: I'm almost out of the lab complex now. Be there soon.

Chance: You don't sound surprised.Gabe: I'm not. All the time in Colorado, The Agency seem to know what I was doing before I did: our route down the mountain, my direction on the highway, the train, and the labs; you were dressed in a hospital gown, so they could lock me up with you in case the drugs didn't work.Chance: "No secrets from old friends."Gabe: When the transport plane arrived, I sent YOU up to secure it and Lian got captured; YOU turned her over to them!Chance: I told them where she was and secured the test subject for transport. Just doing my job, Logan. That's all my job!Gabe: Your job?! Men under your command trusted you with their lives!Chance: I eliminated expendable targets in the line of duty as per my orders!Gabe: I know the rhetoric! It doesn't change what you are!Chance: What WE ARE, Logan! How many men did you kill to get here?! All of them, they were just doing their job! Did they deserve to die?! I'm just doing what I was trained to do!Gabe: Yeah?! So am I! Enough of this, get that out of my face! *Moans* 041b061a72


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