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Vladimir Eliseev
Vladimir Eliseev

Zenniv - Dont Stop Me

Covid put a stop to all gigs and live events all over Ukraine, but this was not as dramatic as with the war now. We had online shows, and continued the lessons in our school. With the war it is different. The whole country is focused on defeating the powerful enemy. To begin with, it was difficult to even think about music, when your friends and fellow Ukrainians are giving their lives for our country.

Zenniv - Dont Stop Me

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I think the main thing now is to stop the war. The Ukrainian music scene was very strong before the war and after our victory, I believe Ukrainian artists will be even more relevant on the world stage. Ukraine as a brand has now become stronger and I hope this will give artists the opportunity to get better known.

We were extremely lucky that one of the best Ukrainian generals stopped the invasion in the South in neighbouring Mykolaiv. They basically sheltered us and let Odesa become the biggest Southern humanitarian hub to spread the help over the less fortunate regions. Their protection also stopped us from being shelled, but the rockets launched from occupied Crimea, and the Black and Caspian Seas are still hitting, from time to time, the infrastructure in the city and beyond it.

How would you say your personal response to the current situation has changed since February, if at all? For instance, many have told me that they have now grown used to air raid sirens, some no longer speak to family members, others have stopped speaking Russian. Has something similar happened to you? 041b061a72


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