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Anatoly Shestakov
Anatoly Shestakov

Mods Et CC Sims Par KawaiiStacie High Quality

I have too I would think that Kawaii Stacie deleted the mod because its not on her page and she deleted some mods. if there is another mod someone knows about to get a kpop idol job please reply this mod seems awesome and I really want something at least somewhat like it.

Mods et CC Sims par KawaiiStacie

This mod allows your toddlers to go to school and build skills and character values. They will also have many interactions to do at school that you can choose from. The skills will not glow while they are at school but the skills will be increasing! This will save your sims time of having to teach each toddler and will also give your sims a break. 041b061a72


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