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Transformers: The Last Knight (English) Hindi Dubbed Torrent

the autobots are awoken from their slumber by a lizzie of iacon, who has arrived on earth. she explains that she is a member of the knights of iacon, and that she has taken the talisman to prevent earth from being destroyed. she warns the autobots that they will never be free to roam until they capture a decepticon. optimus prime and his allies travel to chicago, where they confront her. a battle ensues, and the knights are defeated. bumblebee and izabella are reunited. cade is captured, but sqweeks, who was the driver of the car, frees him. the autobots leave, and optimus prime gives bumblebee the talisman. they journey to the coast, where they meet optimus prime's other allies: the l.o.n.

Transformers: The Last Knight (English) hindi dubbed torrent

the thing that is most apparent is that the script, story, dialogue, pacing, direction, acting, etc. - everything - is largely the same as every other film in the series (save for a few new characters). it's like the series has been a giant hangman game for the past 8 years, with a few new hangmen every few years. perhaps that explains why the 'last knight' is so disappointing. the fact that the previous entries were relatively decent - by most standards - is of little consolation. the previous films were not perfect, but they were generally watchable. this one is virtually unwatchable. it's a rehash of the same tired and predictable formula, except this time it's done in an overblown, cgi-laden, budget-busting, shamelessly commercial manner. it's basically the most expensive and lowest-budget film in the series. not even the cheapest transformers film is this bad. i can't think of a transformers film that was this bad. if it's not the worst, it's right there with 'battle for terra' and 'battle for cybertron'. the only thing that makes it marginally better is that it has some decent concepts in it (the megatron and orion prime fight, the megatron/optimus fight, the human soldier fighting the transformers, etc.).


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