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Transcripciones Tu Ingles Pdf 158l WORK

1 Transcripción Tu Inglés Podcast Sesión 23 Hola y bienvenido a Tu Ingles Sesión Veintetres! This is a program for people who want to learn English. [MUSIC] Hello everybody. How are you doing? I m Brian. I live in the USA. Considérame tu entrenador personal de inglés. Estas listo para ejercitar tu oido para ingles? [music] +++ Today, on Tu Ingles Sesion 23, we are going on a job interview. Vamos a una entrevista para un puesto. We are going to practice some vocabulary related to working in a company. And we are going to introduce you to some situations that may occur in an American job interview. It s a new episode of What Do You Say? Today, Cecilia, our friend in Mexico, is going to an interview with an American company in Mexico. Ella quiere conseguir un puesto en Mexico con una empresa Norte Americana. Cecilia has been busy preparing for the interview. Ella ha estado ocupada investigando la empresa, preparando su traje de negocios, y por supuesto, practicando su ingles! Cecilia, are you ready for your interview? Yes, I think so. I am excited about it! Estas emocionada, que bien. Before we get started today, antes de empezamos hoy, I wanted to tell you about something.

Transcripciones Tu Ingles Pdf 158l

2 A listener named Gary, un oyente se llama Gary, sent me an . El es de Bolivia. Gary me envió una grabacion de una cancion de Bolivia. La cancion se llama Cecilia! Es muy interesante! Really? Thank you Gary! Yes, thanks Gary, for sending the song. Voy a poner un enlace al video de la cancion boliviana Cecilia en el grupo de Tu Ingles en Facebook. Oh, great! I am excited to see it! Muy bien. And Cecilia, did you know there is another song named Cecilia? It s by a famous American group called Simon and Garfunkel. No, I ve never heard that song! Well, let me play a little bit for you, ok? Here s Cecilia, the American version, by Simon and Garfunkel [excerpt of Cecilia ] Que te parece Cecilia? Did you like it? Well, it s kind of embarrassing, but yes, it is a nice song. Ok! Very good! Now, I know that you are interested in nutrition. Estas interesada en nutricion. Your job interview tu enrevista de trabajo. is going to be with VerySweet, a company that makes artificial sweetener. Sabes artificial sweetener? Creo que significa edulcorante. Yes! Esta empresa, VerySweet, quiere contratar con un experto en nutricion. Sabes como se dice contratar en ingles? Mmmm. To hire? I think the verb is to hire. Right. To hire significa contratar. They want to hire a nutrition expert. That s you!!! OK, but I don t really like artificial sweetener. Neither do I. A mi tampoco. Neither do I like artificial sweetener. I prefer real sugar!

3 Yes, in fact, I never eat food that is artificially sweetened. Neither do I. I don t like the flavor. No me gusta el sabor. Pero bueno, un puesto con VerySweet paga bien. Sabes como dirias eso en ingles? Paga bien? In English, you would say, it pays well. Right. The job pays well. It pays well. Job significa empleo o trabajo, verdad? Right. Sabes algunos sinonimos de job? Well, you could also say a position? True. You are looking for a position at VerySweet. Creo que position es igual que puesto. OK. Y sabe la palabra para decir desempleado? Mmmm, unemployed? That s right. Unemployed. Unemployed. Y ser despedido? Como se dice eso en ingles? Mmmm. No sé. Ok, en estados unidos, dirias, to lay off. To lay off. For example, the company will lay off 100 workers. And in British English? How do they say it? The Brits say sack. Sack. The company will sack 100 workers. Or, he got sacked by his company last year. But let s not talk about negative things!!! You are going to a job interview! Tienes que estar optimista y alegre, verdad? Right, I am going to be optimistic and. Alegre? Como dirias eso en ingles? Cheerful.. Cheerful.. Or you could just say happy. Ok! Are you ready? Let s go to your job interview!

4 Yes, I am totally ready! +++ OK, you are outside the building of VerySweet Corporation. You walk in the front door. There is a reception area. Hay una recepcion. Tienes cita con el director, se llama Tim Butts. Sabes como se dice cita en ingles? Appointment. In English, the word is appointment. Right. You have an appointment. Cecilia, go up to the woman at the reception. Tell her who you are, and why you are here. Digale a ella quien eres y por que estas aqui. Hello, how are you are? [ Hello, welcome to VerySweet. Can I help you? ] Yes, my name is Cecilia Medina. I have an appointment for an interview with Tim Butts. Excellent Cecilia! [ OK, I will let Mister Butts know you are here. ] Thank you! [ Please have a seat. Would you like something to drink? ] OK Cecilia, que dijó ella? Primero, que significa have a seat? I think she said, sientese por favor. Correct! She said, have a seat. In English, we also say please sit down. OK, and I think she also offered me something to drink. Yes, she said, would you like something to drink? Significa, Le gustaria beber algo? [ We have coffee, tea, or water. Can I get you anything? ] Yes, I would like some water, please. Excellent, Cecilia. I would like. Me gustaria.

5 OK, you sit down on a sofa in the reception area. Llevas un cartera de mano, y la pones en el suelo. Sabes la palabra en ingles para decir cartera de mano o maletín? In English, the word would be briefcase. Briefcase. Right. Briefcase. OK, the receptionist brings you a glass of water. Un vaso de agua. A few moments later, a man walks in. It is Mister Butts. [ Hello Miss Medina? I m Tim Butts ] OK, Cecilia, what do you say? Hello Mister Butts. It s a pleasure to meet you. Muy bien dicho, Cecilia. [ Thanks for coming in, Miss Medina. Let s head down to my office. We can talk there. ] OK, Cecilia, por lo visto el tiene problemas con la pronunciacion de tu apellido. Pero lo entendiste? Yes, el me dijo podemos hablar en su despacho. Right. So, you follow him to his office. He has a very big office with lots of windows. [ Go ahead and take a seat. ] Cecilia, que dijo el? Creo que el me dijo otra manera de decir sientese. Right, He said, take a seat. Es literalmente igual que toma un asiento. Take a seat. You sit down in a chair and he sits at his desk. [ So, did you have any trouble finding our office? ] Cecilia, digale a el, que no hay ningun problemas. No, not at all. It was easy to find, thank you..

7 Muy bien Cecilia! [ Really? That s great! I hate sugar, but I love to chew gum! ] Cecilia, el te dijó, I hate sugar. Que quiere decir? I hate. Significa yo odio. El me dijó el odia comer azucar. Que raro. I love sugar!! I have a sweet tooth. Soy goloso. [ Ms. Medina, I have to say, your English is really quite good. ] Really? Thanks a lot. I have been studying a lot recently. Do you speak Spanish? [ Ah, actually yes, I do speak a little Spanish. Me gusta hablo el español! ] Ah? Muy bien! Usted habla español muy bien! [ Hahaha, now slow down there a minute. I can t understand you when you talk so fast! ] [ Gratzias! Muchos gratzias! ] You re welcome! [ Now, tell me a little bit more about your background ] Cecilia, entiendes la pregunta? Mmmm, no estoy segura que quire decir background. OK, depende del contexto, pero en este caso, background significa formación o educación. El quiere saber mas de tu formación professional. Trata de decirle, eres licensiada en nutricion y llevas dos años trabajando como nutricionista. Sabes como se dice Soy licensiada en ingles? Mmmm, no sé. I am licensed? Literalmente, si, dirias eso. Pero en estado unidos, decimos, I have a degree. O, I received a degree. Digale a el. I have a degree in nutrition. And I have two years of experience working as a nutritionist.

8 [ O,K. You only have two years of experience? ] Oh-oh, Cecilia, el se preocupa sobre tu falta de experiencia trata de decirle, tambien tienes mas que tres años experiencia como. Mmmm. Como. Como que? Niñera? No tengo mucha experiencia laboreal todavia. Ok, entonces, seas honesta con el. Well, I only have two years of experience, but I have a lot of energy and I learn very quickly, [ OK, very good! We need some new energy around here. ] Muy bien Cecilia! Creo que el esta mas contento ahora. [ Now, Ms. Medina, tell me, what is your greatest weakness? ] Uff, Cecilia, el hizo una pregunta dificil. Entendiste la pregunta? Creo que si. El me preguntó, cual es tu debilidad mas grande Right. Weakness significa debilidad o falta de carácter. Y sabes como se dice fuerza en ingles? Strength. The word is strength. Correct. Strength. Asi que, vas a contester su pregunta? My greatest weakness? That is a difficult question. Probably my arms. My legs are very strong. [ Hahaha. That s very funny Ms. Medina. That s not exactly what I meant, but that s a good answer. ] Thank you. [ Now, of course, we have to check your references. Here at VerySweet we are very careful about checking references. ] Cecilia, sabes references? Si, claro. References significa referencias. El quiere chequear mis referencias. [ And, of course, we need to talk about your salary requirements ]

9 OK, mas vocabulario Cecilia. Sabes la palabra salary? Salary significa salario o sueldo. Correcto. Y requirements? Que significa eso? Requirements significa requisitos o necesidades. Creo que el quiere hablar del sueldo lo que quire ganar. Right, he said you need to talk about your salary requirements. Trata de decir, estarias contenta hablar de tus requisitos. Mr. Butts, I would be happy to discuss my salary requirements. [ Very good. I am sure you will find that our compensation package is very attractive. ] [ Well, thank you for coming in today. We will be in contact with you by the end of the week. ] Cecilia, sabes esta espresion, in contact? Si, to be in contact significa estar en contacto. Right. Well, what do you say? Bueno, me gustaria decir, me hace mucha ilusion recibir sus noticias OK, en ingles, hay una expresión muy util. I am looking forward to. I am looking forward. Es como decir, tengo muchas ganas de. O, me hace mucha illusion OK. Thank you, Mr. Butts, I am looking forward to hearing from you. [ That s great. Let me show you the way out. ] Ok Cecilia! It s incredible. You had a great interview. Mr. Butts seems to like you. Todo fue muy bien! Si, ninguna catastrofes. No! And no thunderstorms. And no aggressive seagulls. And no fire alarms.


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