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Best Buy Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposals are split into two different types: continuous-feed and batch-feed models. Continuous-feed disposals run continuously once their power is turned on, making it easy for users to throw large amounts of food into their grind chambers. Most batch-feed garbage disposals run only when their drain covers are in place, limiting the amount of food that can be ground at once.

best buy garbage disposal installation

Installing a garbage disposal can be a simple or difficult task depending on how the area under your sink is set up. Corded disposals that come with three-bolt mounting hardware are the easiest to attach, but most disposals must be hardwired.

Contacting an electrician to help with the installation is one option. Garbage disposal installation cost varies depending on the type of disposal and overall labor costs. However, it will typically cost around $400-500.

A backed-up garbage disposal can turn a cumbersome meal cleanup into a nightmare. To get the most use out of your new disposal, here are some important tips that will help keep your garbage disposal running smoothly.

To clean your garbage disposal, pour ice, lemon juice, or vinegar down the drain to clean the device naturally. You can also find various cleaning products on the market that unclog and freshen garbage disposals.

John Porter is the owner of his own plumbing business, JP Installations Services LLC in central Wisconsin, which has been in business for almost 30 years. He has also worked for several appliance stores, including Sears and Best Buy, and has installed close to 1,000 garbage disposals.

Before you learn how to remove a garbage disposal, unhook anything, assemble a support under the unit using a paint can and scraps of wood. Leave a 1/4-in. to 1/2-in. gap under the unit so it can drop a bit. Use the same support to help when you are installing a garbage disposal.

You can buy a 1/3-hp disposal for $80 or less, but our experts suggest that a more expensive unit with at least 3/4 hp would be a better choice. The more powerful the motor, the less chance it will jam. In addition, higher-priced disposals are generally quieter and have longer warranties. If you need to replace the splash guard as part of your garbage disposal installation, take a look at this guide.

Look over all the pipes under your sink for any sign of leakage before heading to the store to buy a new garbage disposal. You might want to replace more than just the disposal itself, so you may as well make a list and be prepared before your garbage disposal installation!

Unlimited Geek Squad calls and visits. This service also is around the clock, which is as good as insurance for startups whose clients rely on their tech capabilities. It include free installation on most items (as well as car electronics installations and office furniture assembly) and a 20% discount on advanced services such as wire runs, data recovery and some smart phone repairs. Plus, Geek Squaders will clean the garbage disposal, install a treadmill and set up smart home services. Considering Best Buy charges $49.99 for one 90-minute Geek Squad visit, this service could quickly pay for itself.

Installation is one of the most expensive factors in buying a new garbage disposal, which is why it's great that the InSinkErator Garbage Disposal can eliminate that cost. The disposal uses a locking mechanism that makes it easy to install, especially if you're replacing an existing InSinkErator disposal. You may still want to contact an electrician, but if you're handy around the house, you can probably tackle this job on your own.

Best Buy might be best known for low prices on electronics, but the chain also carries an extensive selection of small and major appliances representing about every brand you can think of, plus parts and accessories. Special member programs called Totaltech and Total Tech Support provide a number of discounts, including free or discounted delivery and installation, extended warranty and free haul-away service. Specific benefits vary by program, and each program is $199 per year.

Garbage disposal repair is a job best left to the professionals. At Air America, we are proud to offer 24-hour garbage disposal repair services throughout the Broward and Palm Beach County region. Our team has years of experience helping to resolve many common garbage disposal issues, including:

The best way to avoid emergency garbage disposal repair is knowing what to keep out of your unit in the first place. Keep your garbage disposal clear of the following items to ensure the best system performance:

If you suspect there may be a clog in your garbage disposal, contact Air America at 954-255-0384 to schedule emergency garbage disposal repair today!

For years, Air America has delivered the superior plumbing services that Broward and Palm Beach County families have trusted. We are dedicated to providing you with the garbage disposal solutions you deserve while also offering an exceptional customer service experience. When you trust our team with your garbage disposal needs, you can count on:

Did your old garbage disposal finally break down? Installing a new garbage disposal isn't difficult as long as you have the right tools and materials. Make sure you have the right type of disposal for your plumbing, then follow these instructions to have your disposal working in no time.

If your kitchen doesn't already have a garbage disposal, Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing can give you 10 good reasons for getting one, and there are only a few reasons you shouldn't, assuming you have enough space under your sink to accommodate one. By the way, if you live in Canada, food waste disposers are known as garburators, not garbage disposals.

Among the drawbacks, a garbage disposal adds to your energy costs, but considering that the amount of electricity used is minimal, you probably won't even notice the slight uptick in your bill. Another drawback is that a garbage disposal is a mechanical device that can malfunction, but that's more of a concern for landlords than it is for homeowners, and given that units tend to last for 10 to 20 years, it's seldom a deal breaker. Garbage disposals do get clogged fairly frequently, but if you know what to do when that happens and how to prevent it, clogs are more of an annoyance than an actual drawback.

You may have misconceptions about how a garbage disposal works, but once you replace those with an accurate understanding, you'll have a better idea of how to keep your garbage disposal humming along the way it's supposed to, and you'll be able to enjoy its many benefits.

By reducing stored kitchen waste, a garbage disposal can also help keep your kitchen odor-free, but the tradeoff is that the disposal itself can smell bad if you don't maintain it. Preventing garbage disposal odors is easier than deodorizing your entire kitchen, though.

If you look into the opening of a garbage disposal, you'll see three or four loose-fitting, oblong fittings on the bottom. A common misconception is that these are blades that simultaneously grind up food waste and fling it to the sides of the canister where it falls into the drain. These are actually impellers, and while they do fling food around, they don't cut it.

Once you know this, you can understand why you should never put starchy foods such as potato peels, pasta and rice as well as coffee grounds and greasy and oily foods into a garbage disposal, and if it isn't clear, you can use a cheese grater to illustrate it for yourself. Grate a hefty chunk of cheddar and notice how the blades on the grater gradually get clogged, making grating more and more difficult. The same thing happens to the shredder ring as starches, greases, oils and small particles congeal or collect on the blades. If you don't do anything about it, the garbage disposal works harder and won't last as long.

Septic pros tend to not be in favor of installing a garbage disposal in a home serviced by a septic system because partially ground food ends up at the bottom of the septic tank and gradually reduces the available space. The growing sludge layer interferes with waste digestion and could end up clogging the drain field and, at the very least, create the need for more frequent pumping. Insinkerator, a leading garbage disposal manufacturer, has a solution for that.

The Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist garbage disposal injects enzyme-producing microorganisms into the septic system every time you use it. The enzymes immediately go to work on the food that was just processed, including oils, greases and starches that can gum up the tank. The Septic Assist features a refillable reservoir for the enzyme solution, a stainless steel grinding chamber and a two-stage grinder capable of dispatching bones and other hard objects, and it's quieter than many other models.

If you have a septic system and you don't have a Septic Assist model, you simply have to be more judicious about what you put in the garbage disposal. Besides harming your tank, partially processed waste causes odors, and it may clog the pipes.

Healthy Kitchen 101 taps the 3/4-hp Insinkerator Essential XTR as the best buy overall, while Mr. Garbage Disposal prefers the 3/4-hp Insinkerator Evolution Compact. If you're outfitting a small home or apartment, the top choices are the 1/2-hp Insinkerator Badger and the 1/-hp Waste King Legend, while the 1-hp Insinkerator Evolution Series has the top high-end disposals.

Although a garbage disposal requires both electrical and plumbing connections, it isn't that difficult to install one, especially if it has a power cord and you already have an outlet into which to plug it. You may have an outlet under the sink for the dishwasher, and it's fine to plug the garbage disposal into that as long as the outlet and the breaker controlling the circuit are rated for 20 amps. You can also hard-wire a garbage disposal directly to an electrical circuit by connecting the circuit wires to the terminals on the disposal's electrical panel. 041b061a72


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