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Smash Cars: The Ultimate Bumper Car Game for PC

Since you're steering tiny cars around life-sized environments, the tracks are visually unique and inspired. Too bad the developers ruined everything with downright confusing directions (I can't tell you how many times I went completely off course without even noticing it) and annoying obstacles (like kids on go-karts who ram you offtrack with almost no warning). Plus, RC cars can naturally travel over any type of terrain, but my miniature racer would often freak out when taken off-road--usually leading to a stalling 180-degree turn or a harrowing wall smash while the field screamed by. On the bright side, the level objectives vary greatly. It's refreshing to take a break from straight racing to pull some crazy stunts or to help a slower car finish by ramming other drivers, so the game never gets that boring. The problem is it just never gets that good, either."

I'm gonna have to completely disagree with Greg S. on this one and give him the stink eye. Smash Cars won't go down in history as a classic, but I thought it was really fun. Yeah, the cars are squirrelly, but they're RC cars--what do you expect? And cry me a have to learn the tracks in order to be successful--just like every other half-decent racing game in existence. I found them to be pretty well designed and interesting. Greg can have Speed Kings; I'll take Smash Cars any day. Now, if only it were a bit longer....

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On a serious note, we know that a few of you original Smash Cars owners had some trouble with our online multiplayer mode. We really want to thank all of you for the feedback (some folks were incredibly generous with their time!) and to let you know we indeed have been listening. Available June 8th in North America, a free patch will be available for automatic download for all Smash Cars owners on to improve your online multiplayer experience.

Over on the PSP, Koei is prepping gamers for this month's launch of Dynasty/Samurai Warriors spin-off Warriors Orochi 2 with a downloadable release of the original Warriors Orochi for $14.99. Both the PS3 and PSP storefronts will also be getting a new PlayStation Original title in Bloody Roar ($4.99), Eighting's 1997 3D fighter featuring brawlers who transform into a variety of were-creatures.

Moving to the potpourri collection of other content, PS3 owners can download demos of WWII dogfighter IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and the adventure game Mini Ninjas, from IO Interactive (creators of Hitman). However, it's in the add-ons for existing games where things get unusual.

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Meanwhile, Capcom's Street Fighter franchise gets cross promotional with Zen Pinball. Would-be wizards can download the Street Fighter II Tribute Table for the pinball sim for $2.49. The table was previously released for developer Zen Studio's Xbox 360 game Pinball FX, making this the first time the same downloadable content has been made available for two games exclusive to different consoles. Speaking of Capcom, the publisher has a collection of 10 remixed music tracks from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 now available to download for free.

In other fighting game downloadable content, Arc System Works' BlazBlue is getting an array of add-ons. Players can now unlock "Unlimited" versions of playable characters Hakumen, Rachel, V-13, and Ragna for $0.99 each, although they can all be earned in the course of normal play as well. Additionally, those bored of the look of the default roster can now purchase additional colors for their costumes. For $4.99, gamers can get four additional colors for each of the game's dozen default fighters, although publisher Aksys Games is also offering the option to download the colors in three separate packs (four characters to a pack), available for $1.99 each.

The number of console-exclusive games in stores may be on the decline this generation, but the three major systems have greatly divergent lineups on their downloadable-game services. Sony is continuing to bolster its lineup of PlayStation Network exclusives, and today the company announced release windows for two more PS3-only offerings, Smash Cars and PixelJunk Eden Encore.

Creat Studios along with 1C Company bring RC car racing enjoyment to the PC without the hassle of dead batteries. RC Cars is an arcade-style racing game that has players racing cars that are realistically designed in both appearance and in control. Each of these RC has its own unique characteristics, but more importantly, all behave according to their real world physics. A large car driving by, an angry pedestrian, or a curb could all ruin your chances for victory. Players can compete on up to ten different tracks in single-player mode against AI opponents, or against friends in various multiplayer modes.

The number of drivable cars is low, the tracks are a little too long for quick races, the AI can be punishing, the physics can go wonky, and the in-course checkpoints are too spread out making even minor missteps a frustrating experience - even with all that acting against it, RC Cars still manages to be fun (particularly if you're too young to really care about winning or get easily frustrated).

I only put "realistic" in quotes because the cars behave like you'd expect them too, with lots of spin-outs and really bad landings. It's not a facetious description - it simply means the cars don't splinter like balsa wood being hit with a hammer it you ram into something or get shot.

Driving modes include Championship, Quick Race, Ghost Race (racing your previous tries), and Multiplayer, which don't stray from the standard modes of the genre. (And the online multiplayer mode is a good addition, but I've been hard-pressed to find someone to race against.) A little variation would have been welcome, but as it is, there's enough to keep you racing for a while. The Championship mode gets some points for instigating a Buy-In for each race. The better you do in each race, the more prize money you can win, upgrades you can install, open new tracks, etc. But with only three different mini-cars to modify, it won't take a lot of time to max out all the vehicles.

In the end, RC Cars is a solid entry in the racing genre. Even with it's limited numbers of racing modes and small number of courses and cars, RC Cars remains a pick-up and play title for younger gamers or those that like a little fantasy with their racing.

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Download of this product is subject to the PlayStationNetwork Terms of Service/User Agreement and any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information. One time fee for use of downloads on up to 2 activated compatible Home Console* systems.* See Terms of Service for further information.

Hittite Games, creator of Crash club and Car Crash game series, proudly presents Car Crash And Smash. In Car Crash And Smash, you can smash cars with various crushing and smashing hammers, or you can smash cars by flying off a cliff on challenging mountain roads and crashing a car. In Car Crash And Smash, you can smash 25 different vehicles as you wish. There are no rules to smash cars and crash, no restrictions, you can reach all cars even when you play for the first time. If you are a car smashing lover, immediately download Car Crash And Smash. Download now and enjoy the art of car smashing without wasting your time. Have fun.

Smash Boom Best is a debate show for kids and families from the makers of the award-winning podcast, Brains On! Every episode takes two cool things, smashes them together and lets you decide which is best. Our debaters use facts and passion to make their case -- teaching listeners how to defend their own opinions along the way.

Well, stage sharing has finally been implemented so as promised I have shared them all! To my knowledge the best way to find and download them is just to go to my miiverse page and look up my Nintendo ID: tylorlilley. If anyone knows of a better way feel free to leave a comment below!

EDIT2: Apparently its faster to download them if you friend me first. I'm drowning in friend requests now because of this, haha, but I will do my best to accept anyone who wants to friend me to get at the stages easier.

The Manhattan Beach Police Department says the suspects used hammers to smash display cases before stuffing merchandise in their bags ... and cops say at least 3 suspects were armed with what appeared to be handguns, though no shots were fired.

Just racing around and smashing into a single car all day would probably get a little boring after a while, but fortunately there's a handful of different challenges to spice things up. Apart from the felon-hunting, there are obstacle courses to be negotiated, as well as suspect drop-offs that have to be completed within a fixed period of time. Sometimes you'll even be the hunted with criminal cars attempting to take you down.

As you make progress through all of these mission types you earn stars, and the better you perform in each challenge then the more stars you'll earn. Get enough of them and you can unlock new police vehicles that move a little faster, or cause greater damage when you smash into the side of these criminals-at-large.

There's a nifty control scheme for getting around in each of the police cars. Holding your finger down just behind the vehicle causes it to accelerate, while moving that held-down finger steers the car left and right. Get in close to a felon, and you can hit the ram button to dole out some damage, particularly effective when you can smash them from the sides and start a chain collision with other cars and debris.

Gerber Kawasaki CEO Ross Gerber said sales declines of the pricier and more profitable cars would lead to weaker margins for Tesla in the first quarter, but he forecast "blowout" results for the second quarter.


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