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Caleb Parker
Caleb Parker

Close Combat: Panthers In The Fog Crack [VERIFIED]

Above the Glottkin, the skies ripped open to reveal a celestial being, a twin-tailed sphere of pure force slamming itself through the sky and blasted itself upon Karl Franz's corpse, hurtling the Glottkin through the air with the power of a vengeful God. Tails of blinding lightning curled up into the skies, an incandescent helix that burned away every trace of Nurgle's tainted garden and scattered the white tornado at the city's heart to nothingness. At the heart of the grounded comet stood a figure, golden and tall. Emperor Karl Franz burst unharmed from the fires, a hammer made of pure golden light blazing In his hands. Luminous and terrible, the warrior crackled with raw, etheric power as he charged straight at the triplets. Ghurk growled and lunged out with his tentacle, but the shining apparition was faster than the eye could follow. Karl Franz grabbed Ghurk's pseudopod and yanked hard, pulling the giant in close. The Emperors hammer of light swung upward in a great uppercut, thudding into Ghurk's gut and bursting it apart to splash disgusting fluids across the courtyard. The brute fell, his giant frame opened to the air. Otto roared and leapt from his brother's shoulders, sword raised. Karl Franz turned, his hand outstretched, and blasted the warlord with a column of lightning. The blazing energy sent Otto flying across the Grand Boulevard to slam into the Reikstemple's walls, his limbs limp, bones broken into powder. Gravel steaming beneath his feet, the godly warrior strode over to Ethrac as the sorcerer gabbled in panic. The Emperor's golden hammer rose high. Ethrac's spell finished with a shout, and all three of the triplets turned into swarms of fat flies. The hammer fell and the swarms were cast into the aether, a foul smell left in their wake. High above, the clouds parted to reveal a cold but pure winter dawn.

Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog Crack


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