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The Last Naruto Movie Eng Sub Download [PORTABLE]

There is a flashback here to the time where Toneri meets Hinata-chan and finds out he is going to marry her. Before he falls for her he has a girlfriend named Nori-chan. There is a flashback here of Nori-chan and he punches her for how she just flirts around him. Not only that, but the scene then switches to Toneri and his dad where we see Toneri tell his dad he wants to use his hazy eyes and make his body strong. Then Toneri's father says that its okay as long as he puts his mind towards it. When Toneri returns his dad says that he will think of a method. The new scene we see is of Naruto, Toneri, and Hinata meeting in the sun where Naruto apologizes for something involving a lightning bolt that hit Hinata. After that he tells them that he will be protecting them when Shikamaru-san and the others attack the moon.

The Last Naruto Movie Eng Sub Download


Hinata tries to stop the wedding as she cannot bring herself to say goodbye to Naruto and she hears a loud explosion. Hanabi manages to interrupt the wedding so that she can talk to Hinata. When she asks Hinata if she is okay, Hinata says that she was too late to stop the wedding and that she still loves Naruto. She goes on to apologize for leaving Naruto and leave Hanabi to only wish to see him again. She sees Naruto and she has changed into a cool white dress and red bikini. Hinata asks Naruto what he is doing there, but he is not there by himself. When Naruto mentions that he is with Hinata, Hinata says that she never really had a chance to say goodbye to him as he left after getting into a fight.

We see Naruto as he takes a look at Hinatas and he then notices that she is now wearing a white outfit. He then is approached by the mysterious man who confirms that it is Hinata. The man then says that he is the only person who can help him, and what he needs is Hinatas parents, and he further explains about Toneri. Then the mysterious man mentions that if the ninja keep it secret, no one will believe them, and he asks Naruto if he can keep it under wraps and help him to stop the wedding. Naruto agrees and he leaves with Hinata and the man. Hanabi is seen in the crowd as she watches on. Hinata mentions to Naruto that they do not need to talk about anything as they walk as the wedding continues. Naruto asks Hinata for another word of encouragement. Hinata then says that Naruto can trust him. Toneri and his female henchmen then talk to each other about how they will show their strength in front of the other. Toneri then fights a seemingly impossible Taijutsu-user that he can only overcome with lightning-type power. At the end of the fight, we see a look of pain and anguish on his face.


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