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Download Manu Dharma Shastra in Tamil PDF for Free and Learn its Teachings and Principles

It was first time that humanity came up with an ideology that was based on love than mere secularism based on social engineering. You mentioned a reasonable document like manusmriti. If it is true then society should come out of it. If it is not true then society is overrated. Pragmatic and pragmatist ideas of liberalism and socialism are more relevant today. But as long as society is dominated by the feudal mentality and the men in power are supported by the society, it will be hard to tackle a feudal society.

Manu dharma shastra in tamil PDF

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Well, Manus codes are from different yuga and we are now living in Kaliyuga, so we must have to replace the temporary codes and rules of previous yuga, with which they fitted our present condition. So in this last phase of manus we have to read vedas and manus to find solution to our problems. And i don't mean to say that vedas and manus should be the only thing to take out and apply. It is just a guide, not the only guide. That's why i kept this post open, so you guys post your thoughts on this Manus code. And please remember, that all ideas from all religions should be applied to solve all problems. No religion must preach the demotion of one another. There should be no more arrogance. This is self imposed pillar of our society and it is about time we reflect to solve our problems by its guidelines.

Even though the Vedas are composed much earlier than the Manus, because the Manu scriptures were written after the era of vedic times, the Manus are incompatible with the Vedas. The Manus division is based on the inequality of the sexes. Even in the Vedas there is no discrimination of the sexes. In fact the Vedic people are all about the journey of life. But in the Manu system, it is about the journey of death. For example, Men have a life like Varanasi which is known as Moksha where they forget all about the worldly problems. Women are excluded from this life because they would be immersed in trivial problems of the family. Women are then excluded from Rituk or the Vedic Penance, because they are considered as being enwrapped in useless concerns. These restrictions are explained to be for their own good. The Manus openly describes the inequalities of the sexes. There is no equality and discrimination of the sexes. For example, they are exposed to the different kind of socio-economic inequality, like physical strength, intelligence, socio-cultural status, age, religion, etc. The Manus are more misogynistic than the Vedas. The Manus are just obsessed with the inferiority of the female gender. It seems that the Manus came out with the Manus code to oppress the lower caste, because the Vedas are the source of the greatness of the lower castes. They are the source of all knowledge of life, while in the Manus the lower castes are only mentioned about their inferiority. In the Manus, the female gender and lower caste are the main topics that are targetted. The Manus sometimes treat the lower castes like slaves, while the Vedas treat them like the equals of the gods. The Manus mention the number of days of life for the different classes, which shows that the Manus were more obsessed with life than with death. If the Manus are obsessed with the matter of life, then life must be great. On the other hand, the Vedas are the source of death, so they can not conceive of their life as being great. The Manus are not concerned with the difference in the age of the two sexes. Even in the Vedas, both are considered to be the same age, because they were born at the same time. The Manus are obsessed with the comparative difference in the ages of the two sexes. In fact, the Manus are obsessed with the matter of their superiority over the lower castes.


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