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Anatoly Shestakov
Anatoly Shestakov

HIPAX DICOM Print Manager.rar: Save Costs and Improve Quality by Printing DICOM Images on Paper

the developers did a tremendous job with free dicom viewer by not only bringing all the required tools within an easy to use interface but also by making them intuitive. it is a great introduction to the world of dicom.

HIPAX DICOM Print Manager.rar

free dicom viewer will support all the features that one needs to view, edit, and store dicom images. it is absolutely free, and a must-have app. it works across all platforms, as it is a standalone application.

moreover, it will also allow you to add new folders, view dicom images, download dicom files, view patient images, view radiology reports, and view ct and mri images. it is an easy-to-use tool that is capable of presenting and viewing dicom images as well as radiologic reports.

the basic view of free dicom viewer is to allow you to view your images as digital radiographs. the user interface of the application is sleek and easy-to-navigate. you can view images, add dicom images and folders, open previous saved images or radiology reports, save the images/reports, and export the images or reports to your local computer. the easy-to-use interface makes it the best option for managing the healthcare data.

when it comes to technical specifications, free dicom viewer is a small application with a size of only about 13 mb. however, the installation process of this tool is straightforward. it only takes a few seconds. moreover, the installation packages are very easy to download. thus, free dicom viewer comes with a user guide, faqs, and video tutorials that are self-explanatory.


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